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Digital Transformation Services


IT Strategy


Cloud Computing

Service Description

  • Planning to modernize the legacy application is highly important to offer the best services to end users at all times
  • Ability to modernize the legacy application(s) is highly important to offer the best services to end users at all times
  • Whether you are a startup or existing enterprise, planning to make use of the digital technologies is of paramount importance to have the business critical applications setup for high availability, scalability, security and supreme performance. Again, the TCO should be kept in mind and the right services are to be chosen from the right service providers
  • Adopting the digital services require unique skill sets and the team members should be ready to up-skill themselves or get trained
  • Cloud computing, Cybersecurity, RPA, Chatbots, Blockchain, DevSecOps, AI/ML are transforming all businesses and one cannot stay away from adopting these technologies anymore

Value proposition from XPRUS

Provide end-to-end support in assessment of existing legacy application(s), arrive at the right plan for migration to Public Cloud, identify relevant services to be used ensuring the TCO is optimized and the maximum benefits are realized.

Help in formulating long term IT strategy and to establish right policies and procedures as part of the Digital Transformation initiatives

Share the best practices, phased approach to modernize the application (from legacy application and technology stack)

Identify and recommend the right service providers, services and solutions. Support for launching new applications using the digital technologies to enhance end user experience