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Infrastructure & Operations

Applications Testing

Performance Optimization

Managed Services, BCP & DR

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Service Description

  • Ensuring high-availability, scalability and the best performance is highly critical to ensure superior end user experience and to stay relevant in business
  • It’s to be noted that everything comes at cost and managing it requires expertise and experience, managing budgets, skills for effective negotiation with the service providers, software vendors etc.,
  • Application development using agile methods requires different form of testing methods, automated, adoption of CI/CD etc., as compared with traditional SDLC approaches
  • Application and Infrastructure Monitoring requires more the right systems in place for automated corrective actions, best of breed tools – open-source or proprietary, visualizations tools etc.,
  • Ability to have right logging and auditing mechanism is highly essential to meet various regulatory and compliance requirements

Value proposition from XPRUS

Infrastructure assessment to optimize the cost and to improve the performance of the applications. Support for rolling out BCP/DR, GRC initiatives

Review of SLA, contracts etc with the service providers to get maximum benefits, improve operational excellence

Act as a SPOC for all procurement of hardware and software to obtain the best products at at the best pricing and to realize maximum benefits

Help in identifying the best of breed products for testing, application performance monitoring, logging, auditing etc.,